Pasta made in Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany

Werner Burk
Werner Burk

 My father used to go from farm to farm and, with a reliable sense for high quality, he bought the best and freshest country eggs.

In doing so, he was traveling across our Franconian countryside with its meadows, vineyards, and fertile agricultural soils, where golden yellow grain grows. He loved this land.

In the meantime, my mother would turn to her pasta recipes that she had been collecting and refining for many years.

This is how the first Burk's Pasta were made more than 40 years ago – hand rolled and using only the finest ingredients.

Their taste was delicious, unmatched ..."


Today we are a medium-sized enterprise with advanced production techniques. But we still use only the very finest ingredients – preferably from local producers. And we stick to our unalterable principle: Exceptional pasta must be hand rolled. Simply because it tastes better.


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