Guidelines for Highest Quality

Whether you are looking for pasta made according to traditional family recipes or sophisticated new creations – all of our pasta products comply with the highest quality standards. With a passion for details, we always pursue our production principles:


Regional & Sustainable


We obtain fresh and precious ingredients, preferably in their natural state, directly from suppliers in our surrounding area. We favor short ways to help support our area economically, to maintain local jobs, and – last not least - to protect a healthy environment.


As a living network between suppliers and clients, it is our goal to help shape the multifaceted scenery of our home permanently in a way that a high quality of life is ensured.


Not only eggs, spelt, and herbs but also all cardboard boxes and packaging are delivered to us from within a circle of roughly 150 km (less than a 100 miles).


We use electricity generated by water power (100% RECS certified) and natural gas as a source of energy for our production.

Traditional Rolling Procedures

We purchase the eggs we use for Burks Pasta preferably directly from farmers nearby. They add the golden yellow color to the pasta dough. We add as many eggs as the dough needs to take to unfold the exceptional flavor and taste of real homemade pasta - just like our grandmothers used to do it.


The gentle processing achieved through rolling our Burks Noodles helps create a soft structure with a "sauce-friendly" surface and a perfect ad dente feeling appreciated so much by connoisseurs of our pasta.



Rolling a dough will compress it less and the egg white will largely be found near the surface of the noodles – as opposed to a production using pressing techniques. When rolled pasta are cooked, the pores will close and the noodles will stay firm and solid. As a result, they taste better and have a better mouth feeling – the special 'al dente' bite.


This elaborate and meticulous processing of the dough makes us almost unique in Germany – the result is a quality you will enjoy.


Innovative & Creative

In our spelt and gourmet lines we diversify a classic fine taste by using exceptional ingredients for your exclusive enjoyment.


We are continually testing innovative and creative recipes to make sure you will be able to enjoy and re-discover rich varieties of your favorite dish again and again.